Last edited by mhac on Thu Mar 14, 5: Parallel ports were originally designed only for output to printers. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. To access the ZIP disk, you simply mount it like any other disk device. Some systems won’t even power up if anything connected to the parallel port has been turned on first. But if your parallel port is on a card rather than part of the motherboard, then it may be done via a hardware jumper on the card. I no longer own any computers with parallel ports.

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And there are a few more modes you could try: You should try running Iomega’s ppa3opt. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. This, and other documents, can be downloaded from ftp: So it seems to make more sense to use the SCSI bus directly?

disk drive – Connecting Iomega Zip (parallel port) to modern PC – Retrocomputing Stack Exchange

I’ve read that EPP mode may not work correctly if the parallel port is using address 3BC, so it would probably be best to have the port set to use either or I have about 6 old zip disks, and a parallel port zip drive. It could be Ppa3. Read the section on rebuilding your kernel for more complete information.


To wire down your SCSI hard drive as da0change the line. Or buy the cheapest functioning Windows 98 based laptop you can find that has a parallel port on e-bay. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Select “No” when asked if you want Windows to search for hardware. I’ve found some interesting stuff along the way. Wouldn’t that be easiest?

To support SCSI devices, the operating system need only have a driver for the particular host adapter, and a generic driver for each type of device, i. If you find that Int 13 unit is checked, then uncheck it, and reboot the jomega. I even tried XP mode.

Reading old zip disks

If that happens, then copy v2. Each of these has a number of. Itnerface a custom kernel configuration, that includes the driver for the vpo driver: The easiest way to “add” a vintage storage device to a modern PC may be to acquire an old PC with which the device can communicate easily and then add a networking adapter that can allow the old PC to exchange information with the new PC.

You’ll need to enable the following drivers in Device Drivers: Aug 3, Posts: Because who knows inteface your drive works still.


DAT tape drivesbut they tend to work OK with the generic driver, too. The port setting would be the address of the LPT port to which the Zip is connected you can look it up in Device Manager.

Iomega Parallel Port Zip Interface Free Driver Download

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You should then be able to select the IPPI from its list of drivers. If you have IDE ports on your motherboard and an open 3. Nevarre Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: Or get a zip USB. See this Iomega document for more info on that. If you change your version of Ppa3.

ZIP drives are available as internal or external units, using one of three interfaces: Chaining anything other than a printer to a Zip drive is generally not a good idea although some people have reported that they’ve been able to do so successfully.