If you have used three tools, for instance, Revert will preserve the changes of the first two tools and ignore the changes made by the third. If you are not familiar with this procedure, refer to your Microsoft Windows user’s guide. To make multiple scan frames which would add scan jobs , hold down the Shift key and drag the mouse. The carriage must be locked to prevent the mechanism from moving during shipping and getting damaged in the process. By calibrating your input and output devices correctly, color is captured accurately by your scanner and is reproduced faithfully on your monitor or printer as well. The New Button

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how to install SMPLSCSI Microtek scanner

To use the Type menu: The current scan job is the third scan job Default Scanas it is highlighted. The current scan frame can be more easily distinguished if you turn on the Smoked Glass Background command in the Preferences menu.

Single-bit Single-bit images are the simplest kind, using just one bit of scsnmaker to record each pixel.

Want Answer 0 Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. Image Adjustment Controls As the scanner processes the image and sends it to the computer, the scanner is also micfotek more information scanmakeer from the moving scanner mechanism.

Here, points along the curve have been moved down, so that pixels are darkened as they are plotted to new points. This option, however, is slower than Draft. A scanner with a good dynamic range is able to map input shades correctly to the output shades, so you will be able to see more detail in an image.


Reinstall printer using driver only. Good for storing vector drawings, but not for line art. In the example above, the cursor is pointing to the middle of the curve, with a value of on the 0-to pixel scale.

Using The Sample Size Button Make sure the RMA number is on the outside address label.

6ft MicroTek ScanMaker E3 Plus (EPP) USB A to USB B Scanner cable Scanning cord

The preview is process is faster, but the quality of the preview image is a little coarse. Micortek Zoom Preview tool gives you the zoomed preview, which is an enlarged, high-resolution view of an image with more visible detail. To use this feature: Place a check in the Run this program in compatibility mode box.

Original Edge Enhancement Emboss filter The Emboss filter makes a selection appear raised or stamped by suppressing the color within the selection and then tracing its edges with black. The options available to you will depend on the scanner equipment you’re using and certain modules like DCR that need to be installed.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Downloads: The value of this pixel is shown in the Color Meter Display in the Information window. But because smoked glass is turned off, it appears that the whole image has been altered. To use the Threshold feature, do either of the following: In both cases, the histogram will change accordingly. The darkest pixels are at the left, and the lightest pixels are at the right. Color Preview This option applies only to three-pass color scanners, and is enabled only if Live Preview is not selected.


When you change resolution and specify a value that has no exact equivalent for scaling, the scaling may be affected and adjusts itself to the nearest allowed value. The Menu Bar Reference: The action of prescanning and scanning can also generate different noises, but this is no cause for alarm.

Line art miccrotek applies if you’re scanning an image with just one color like a mechanical drawing or blueprint.

SOLVED: Microtek Scanmaker E3 Plus – Fixya

The zoomed preview is different from the zoomed-in view, which is not a high-resolution view and is obtained instead by using the magnifying lens tool.

For example, if you modified input values to 30 and and then change output values to 0 tothe input values of 30 to will be “stretched” to fit the output range of 0 to If you are producing full-color micrtek, scan them in color, then use your image-editing software to create the color separation files needed to print color on a printing press.

In many ways, the Curve tool gives you the most control for adjusting an image’s values, but novice users may take some time to master its intricacies. When the dialog box comes up, make the adjustments to hue and saturation.