Nice and handy for quick hook-up of keyboards and guitar processors! It sounds Maxckie VLZ in quieter and more purpose in the medium. The decoder button, like the polarity and low-cut buttons, has a white band towards the rear half of the button that is visible only when the button is out, but this is pretty much impossible to see when the unit is in a wired rack. Request a new review. As a stereo option for overhead drums it works pretty well as the close mics will reinforce your center, and the MS decoder will keep those overhead mics mono-compatible, which is always a plus. I also took advantage of the overdriven preamp’s distortion to record some lo-fi lead vocal tracks. The Onyx did a pretty good job of creating an MS image, but I was not really blown away by it.

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This proved to be unnecessary as the Onyx preamps sound clean and accurate at 0 dB, and all changes made to the drum sound were through mic selection and placement. There is a seemingly endless supply of small manufacturers that are bringing innovative products to the market.

He’s the owner of Audio Upgrades, Since I have had to recently enter this century and purchase some multi-channel digital audio capability for the studio, and I had an album project that required transfer from 2” track at 30 IPS to bit, 48 kHz WAV files, having the Onyx review unit show up was quite serendipitous.

Mackie Onyx r 8-channel Preamp W/ khz Digital out | eBay

Onxy mentioned at the opening of the review, the Onyx R is also a good- sounding A to D converter. We are not taking swaps on any of the items we have for sale. That should be enough reason to consider the Onyx for any studio.


I have way too many mic preamps. Write a user review Ask for a user review. I gave the Onyx a workout and used it exclusively for all the basic tracking on a recent project with a local band. Now that we have pretty much covered the analog side of the unit, let’s look at its other features.

The other choices are for matching input impedance to vintage condensers and older ribbon mics. Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making.

For this review, I’m covering the SC-1 mk, a preamp designed to fit in series racks and lunchboxes.

Okay, so far so good. So what sets the Onyx R apart from the myriad of multi-channel mic preamps available?

Mackie has clearly priced the Onyx R to attract budget- conscience studios. The company is perhaps best known for its great line of simple but clean- sounding mixers. The decoder engagement switch is on the rear panel, making it hard to access if the R is rackmounted; and there is no LED indicator to let you know if the MS decoder is on. That being said, considering all its features and its decent sound, I think mackiie Onyx R is a good purchase for any studio, regardless of budget.

Also, if you’re using the R to feed a DAW or digital recorder, you’d probably want to use the maclie device’s meters instead, downstream of the converters.

Mackie Onyx 800r 8-channel Preamp W/ 192khz Digital out

Sell it with a click. That should be enough reason to consider the Onyx for any studio. It made that nice modern vocal sound that has come into favor as of late. The four-channel, Class-A, solid-state is Universal Audio’s first mic preamp that is not derived from earlier classic designs. For the many engineers who desire neither the sound nor the price tag of old analog gear, the Onyx is perfect. I mic’ed the kick with an Audix D-6 as this particular band was going for that “modern” drum sound.


The manual states that the OL macke comes on at 22 dBu. Onyx is the name they have given their new preamp design that they are incorporating into their new generation of mixers. My ears told me when there was overload, and the LED just confirmed it.

All user reviews for the Mackie Onyx 800R

The back of the unit is set up with a DB25 input connector for line input so mafkie may need to invest in some D-Sub snakes if you plan to use the line ins. Subscribe for free here. Steven Slate also produces a couple pieces of all- analog Noyx of the eight preamps has it’s own phantom power, high pass filter, and phase reverse buttons.

What I like most is the conversion and between instruments.