After several back and see that my little market research this model came out from the crowd! It’s not like it matters though. This one has none. I had used some keyboards with fewer keys. They are advertised as semi weighted I believe but they don’t feel like it. It has a mod wheel and that’s about it. I have no complaints about this products durability.

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All user reviews for the M-Audio Keystation 49e

After several back and see that my little market research this model came out from the crowd! I never opened the manual.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The price of the 49e is one of the best parts, as just about anyone can have a great sounding MIDI keyboard rig with this a few virtual instruments at a very reasonable price.

The keys are simply uncomfortable. I didn’t need any frills or crazy controls. Its not supposed to have knobs and sliders so there isnt anything missing. I need a master keyboard simply to replace the previous dating 15 years I think It only affected the keyboard cosmetically.


The difference in price makes it worth it imo. M-audio generally has pretty good drivers. Solid enough to not get damaged, unless you try to do something intentionally. No need for a manual since this thing is literally a piano and nothing more. I wish M-audio would make a no-feature keyboard with good keys though. This is truthfully a beginners unit. Only a few surface scratches from storing it for a few months.

Its pretty plasticy but it feels good and for the price i can not complain!

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I will make this choice without hesitation. This is truly a product geared toward budget studios.

All in all, the functions it provides are solid. I have no complaints about this products durability. Write a user review.

I have used a few other M-audio keyboards like the Axiom series and I must say the key quality and feel on those is much much m-auxio. I suppose though if you are a beginner ieystation you don’t care about the feel, this is a fine studio unit. Originally posted on FutureProducers.

This one has none. The price and features reflect that. I like the configuration of this controller because it is easy and to the point.


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Nothing is missing if you take into account that the 49e is supposed to be a 49 key midi keyboard. Log in Become a member. Level configuration and nothing much has been reported kdystation separate plug in, play on, varying the octaves fiddling M-audioo Bend or Mod-Wheel is super basic I was starting up a studio and needed a good USB keyboard to play instruments. It works exactly what I use it for and works without problem.

I’ve had it almost for a year now and have had no problems. It’s not like it matters though.

Sort by most recent most useful. So for me it’s perfect.