Device Manager shows for Hardware ID: I run the first batch script from an elevated command prompt and see that I do in fact have: Share this post Link to post. The sas2flsh utility is newer, maybe it makes a difference? I was concentrating originally on trying to flash the controller’s firmware to something higher, thinking that was the reason why the 3. Question is does it fix the drives. Have you searched the HP sources for a newer firmware?

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One of the firmware’s took some wheres along the line!

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply! Is it possible to see the attached drives in the controller BIOS?

Sign me up for the STH newsletter! This is all with Windows hardware recognition in between. The revision is right beneath the name controloer it is B1. It seems the firmware image I’m trying to flash is for the e, not the I was just trying to find a higher firmware version to fix the 1. For flashing the SAS chipset there is a version of the sas2flsh utility P7 that enables overriding of wrong vendor ID’s.


LSI SAS 3081e-r 3gb/s 8 Port Sata/sas 1068e Host Adapter Controller Card

Can’t tell if it is true what you’re seeing. I’d like to see what speed drives are supported. There is a P21 1068f for that sort of controller. Can you flash an older HP firmware with the sas2flsh utility? Just to have another basis. Is that a standalone card or onboard chip? Inclusion in the lightweight FreeNAS installation was a major bonus and really highlights the fact that this will be a controller that is supported for years to come.

I am also running FreeNAS 7.

I was concentrating originally on trying to flash the controller’s firmware to something higher, thinking that was the reason why the 3. No, the only thing you have to take care is that for use with unRAID we want to have IT mode firmware and all scripts and how-to’s are tailored for that specific purpose.

I cannot flash an older HP firmware. I’ll search for the B2 and see what I find.

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Those firmware’s are not for the xw workstation. I think I might have some stuff to add that might help here. I’d like to get this working so I can attempt to run my very expensive copy of Li on this workstation or see if I need to invest in a much more expensive machine.


The LED wasn’t on at all, and I tried it on an old computer board that I found, and had the same result.

Please enter your comment! You have entered an incorrect email address! Every other time, it says “The firmware flash image product Id is invalid. ROM Press any key to continue.

Please reread and consider the DOS option. I’m thinking the one from Broadcom, the only one that gave a different error message than all the rests. Is it capable of wiping the cards ID or something controllr that? Saturday, December 29, Firmware version doesn’t change. With regard to the error, there might be some sort of vendor check to prevent cross-flashing?