But a simple google search with your model should give you a definitive answer. Can you please suggest an alternative and give me the link please! I had the hack installed on my pc. Thank you very much, Abhishek. Which toreent should i download to make a bootable MAc OS for fcp x.. Oh by the way i got a Nvidia Geforce MB card. My system is running fine still.

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What is the problem and how can i fix it? Actually after I posted the question I found out that the sound was on the motherboard. Some symptoms do occur depending on your hardware and software. Just wondering if its possible.

Tally The difference between the different OSX installation flavors is the configuration in each. Sorry, no experience with the eVGA motherboards.

Do you know where to get the wireless driver? Also how do I test out if Quartz is working on this machine.


I am not sure the specifications. Not all hardware works seamlessly. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

LEOPARD Leo4all complete tutorial – OSx86 (Leopard) – InsanelyMac Forum

I mean, you installed Then the leo4alk important part comes. Cheers, and I bid you every success! Hello i got iaktos v7 and i installed Final Cut Pro 7 and Color. I have Intel Pentium 4 PC with 2.

Hackintosh 101: Part 2 – Installing the Mac OS

Then when i updated itunes, once I restarted my resolution changed. Some enterprising individuals have spent time to craft installers that try to cater for as many hardware types as possible, and the result is differing installation discs. Do you already try a newer version of this? To do this go to Videp root drive C: I bought a legal copy lep4all snow Leopard but was initialy gonna install the os by using leo4all then update it with snow ;eopard.

Any help would be appreciative prior to starting. Hi, nice startup guide.

Still try at your own risk. Its basically the Sony vaio pcv-rs with an asus motherboard. I dont even can change the resolution of the display. I was doing some research, finally found a video that gives a great tutorial Yours. Can you help me please???


Leo4alll option is checked and greyed out by default. SiliconImage — I have not found anyone that uses this specific chipset to confirm if it works. Type the following to create an administrator account manually with name root. DVD rooms- not working. After choosing the language go to Utilities menu and choose Disk Utility. I assume its missing a driver? So it wasnt really nice to work on this system.

For my MB asus p5q pro it is the ver