Wait time for checking the connection pool. This can be a numeric port number or an Ingres symbolic port address such as II7. If this option is unselected, the selected properties are only used for the utility’s current instance. I was able to access all my tables! Symbolic port ID required.

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Ingres Visual Manager provides direct access to all Ingres visual tools. Ok, I had a hell of a time trying to get this figured out.

Unicode coercion includes the following features:. It seems like my Ingres install environment did not match the documentation on the ingres website, which looks to be docos for the older r3 product.

This property allows an alternate character encoding to be specified if desired or a valid character encoding to be used when the driver is unable to map the server’s character set. Multiple attribute pairs are separated by a semi-colon. Jdnc data source configuration is a collection of information that identifies the target database to which the driver connects.

Default cursor concurrency mode, which determines the concurrency of cursors that have no concurrency explicitly assigned. Now, you can verify that the username and password you would use for JDBC jebc your user will work:. Use the above menu to access all other tools.


It really helped me to connect database.

Properties are searched in the following order: Apparently this is what allows jdbc to connect to an Ingres installation. The limit for the number of table references in a query has increased from 30 to This limit refers to the sum of explicit table references even if the same table appears several times in a queryexplicit view references, and tables and views included by the expansion of a view definition.

Specifies the Java character encoding used for conversions between Unicode and character data types. Any valid Ingres database designation can be used including vnode and server class that is, vnode:: A port ID must be provided either numerically or symbolically.

Changes to Existing Features

This allows you to validate if a password is jdbv against an operating system user account known to Ingres. We do not have Data Access Server running iigdc. The user’s group identifier. Maximum connection pool size. To help you respond to Ingres messages, IVM now displays an explanation for any message in the errlog.

Configuring an Application Server with Ingres

Ingres adds three new flags to the ALTERDB utility, which allow for the deletion of invalid checkpoints, the deletion of a specific checkpoint, and a non-Unicode enabled database to be Unicode enabled. Email Required, but never shown.


This can be a numeric port number or an Ingres symbolic port address such as II7. Some environments, most notably older releases of Microsoft Internet Explorer, require the instantiation of an Ingres JDBC Driver object to fully initialize the driver. Attributes can also be specified using the property name as the attribute name.

JDBC Driver Interface

External applications that are monitoring error messages for the Ingres installation are given the error category and number without having to parse the text of the message. If this option is unselected, the selected properties are only used for the utility’s current instance.

The limit on the number of columns per table has increased from to Post as a guest Name. This property is not used directly by the driver, but is sent to the DBMS and affects the processing of query text. When doing a process listing, this is what I get: Is the network port used by the DAS.

The user’s operating system password.