In a vSphere 6. What makes me wonder is why you see the same errors with the old driver: So it seems that you even tested going back to SP3, which worked, and then upgrading again, which failed. Host Extension could also be utilized. Hi Jens, i tried to install driver We now see that hpe-ilo is at 6. Hi Jens, thanks for the quick reply.

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I’ve already extended my question toward Lofc by asking if they can provide a legacy package for the old driver, in case v10 doesn’t support your card, although SP3 did. Might it be that the original SP4 driver is still used? AutoPilot Installer apinstall Management: Please provide additional feedback optional: The driver from SP4 is running fine.

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Also installing the newest kernel from SuSE did not solve it. Hi, also the test in another server did not suceed. Hi Bernd, from the message history, it looks bp if the SP3 driver was more tolerant to this specific error: I’ll update my SUSE contact on this. What makes me wonder is why you see the same errors with the old driver: You may also refer to the English Version of this knowledge base article for up-to-date information.


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Jens, thanks for your help. Set default language Do you wish to save this as your future site? In a vSphere 6.

I got mislead by the initial “it’s running now”. I tried to open a bug in bugzilla https: Apply the pertinent patch. Hi Bernd, Hi Jens, thanks for the quick reply.

It might be worth a try to fetch the sources of the latest SP3 kernel jp take the driver source code from there, to replace the sources of the lpfc driver included in the SP4 sources.

Get Support Create Case. To begin, enable and initiate an SSH session to the host. Click the Manage tab, Download Settings under the Settings tab.

In our case, we only have one. Put the host in maintenance mode; migrating vms to other cluster hosts. I only have the esxi hypervisor and vsphere client. I don’t understand your last posting.

VMware Compatibility Guide – I/O Device Search

Re-connect the host to vCenter. Exit host maintenance mode. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


I got another from HP we still had warranty for 1 month! We will leave both unchecked. Click the Edit button to add the download source. But I dont have vcenter and all.

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Here it is missing. If you would like to run the remediation in parallel, denote that here. Next, we will add the pertinent patches to a Baseline.