Overall for ease of use, price, its quick time at getting a fix, its a good entry level device. The same card had been working fine in a digital camera so perhaps the NaviGPS is a little fussy about the formatting of the card that’s probably because the NaviGPS expects the card to be formatted without a partition table and will not use the card if it contains one. Thanks for the great tutorial, it really helped me get past the last bit getting the data connection. The editor’s introduction is written from the heart and is a nice touch. The MM Pro come with Thales mapping software. Good buy, this unit will almost always get a lock directly, and I really recommend it over BU

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The sad part is that the lock usually isn’t that good.

Holux Bluetooth GPS Module And The Raspberry Pi – Raspberry Pi Spy

The manual says “logging interval Approx. The USB interface on the device is supported by the pl driver and appears as a serial port e. macc

Note that this device has a smaller patch antenna than the BT-Q models which may impact sensitivity. First you have to edit the file NavLib. Good buy, this unit will almost always get a lock directly, and I really recommend it over BU This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat It is well written for a Taiwanese user manualand runs to 66 pages. For Linux users, the Windows application appears houx work OK using wine.


Holux Bluetooth GPS Module And The Raspberry Pi

Performance near buildings and under trees is also quite good, as it will often hold hilux 3D lock. It’s rugged and waterproof 1. Car mount is included in the package. For the youngsters out there it was like a Smart Phone but without the phone bit, the capacitive touch-screen, memory, apps, GPS or battery life.

Holux GPSlim Handheld GPS Receiver | eBay

This is golux nice gps for tracing details. A few seconds later it will display some text:. It also has an external antenna connection for improved in-vehicle reception.

If it not ,ac create it. No specific drivers needed, works with gpsd Linux. Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: To start recording, select New Workoutand then when you have a satellite fix, press Start. Langues disponibles — GPS device reviews. A new log file is started as soon as the device is turned on and records continuously.

Holux Technology MacOS Driver Downloads

NavGear PX in hand. However, once the phone has a GPS lock, it’s fairly good about holding it when you close the keypad, and hold the phone.

This will bring up a wizard which configures gpsd to start automatically. The SiRF chipset is by default in “static navigation” modeso doing mapping at anything mca highway speeds will be a bit of a pain without changing the setting. The GPS-CS1 was originally conceived to georeference digital pictures in accordance with their timestamp. It is an excellent jolux for data-logging and much more.


This enables the logging function. Jan 2, 8: All features are fully integrated into one unit to meet the rigorous demands of consumer’s professional and personal needs.

The Bad Elf holus limited to only being used with an Apple gplsim. It makes a nice bleep and flashes a red light when it achieves lock-on which is nice and reassuring. You may also like. I have tried to connect a number of bluetooth GPS receivers to the iPad, unfortunately whilst the serial stack is supported in the Bluetooth profiles, I don’t think any software like Maps, Comapass or other location based software, including Commercial software like TomTom on iPad support accessing this bluetooth path.

Holux M can be used as datalogger or as receiver via the Bluetooth interface. It can be installed using:.