We were making Bell modems back in It did issue a legal challenge which would have prevented a post-Chapter 11 Hayes from using the X-Jack technology, claiming Hayes would be a different entity and would need to renegotiate its contract. Hayes subcontracted assembly work from larger computer companies to pay his group and raise equity. Rockwell had not shipped Hayes parts since early April, and they were unobtainable elsewhere. One of two boys of G. Unfortunately, Zoom does not have upgrade firmware for the many Hayes-produced products that are no longer produced by Zoom. We claim no responsibility to the accuracy of the information.

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Then the couple underwent a messy, public, and bitter divorce in hayees As business owners, we marvel at how companies have impacted our lives like AppleMicrosoftand even Hasbro.

Some used Hayes’s financial woes to promote their own products. In Maymarket leader Hayes used its success as a cash cow, expanding into general software with its “Please” database-management software, with a menu-based command structure.

As consumers, we often take for granted all the hard work that goes into building a great company. Beginnings, One of two boys of G.

Part of the emergence plan included downsizing. By JulyHayes was a leading modem manufacturer, gaining household-name status and holding nearly 60 percent of the baud and baud markets.

Hayes accused Rockwell of “strongarm” tactics, holding the data-pump devices hostage in an attempt to obtain a paid-up license for patents relating to modem compatibility, which were supposed to be paid for six years. For these reasons, all firmware v.3 for products shipped by Hayes are entirely at customers’ risk.


Rockwell had not shipped Hayes parts since early April, and they were unobtainable elsewhere. The external version featured built-in microphone and speakers; the internal product had a microphone integratable with desktop speakers.

The industry war began in earnest in mid when Hayes sued Everex Systems Inc. Belgrave dropped its takeover attempt in July But Haues Hayes followed many of his contemporaries out of day-to-day operations. Robinson rejected the claim.

Then Northern backed out in March Please read and follow the readme. The company continued to operate during the bankruptcy proceedings. Hayes sued Microcom Inc.

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Dennis Hayes indicated that his company had intended to create software since the start. These files are self-extracting unless otherwise noted. But troubles were brewing for Hayes. We were making Bell modems back in In April, Hayes began manufacturing and marketing cable modems, super-fast devices that delivered Internet connections 20 times faster than 56Kbps modems.

With friends, they built a handful of modems daily, releasing the product in April Haes judge rejected Diamond’s plan in Marchnot wanting Georgia’s economy to suffer by loss of jobs which would result from the Diamond takeover.

By April, it announced the two best financial quarters in its history and began reporting quarterly earnings like a public company.


The most ambitious undertaking for was penetrating the Chinese market.

Hayes – IT Hardware Parts Catalog

Hayes was back in court in with Multi-Tech in a dispute over modem reliability, unfair competition, and libel. In June, Micronics Computers discussed acquiring Hayes, but no deal emerged.

While his company often occupied headlines, Dennis Hayes kept a low profile personally, until he met and married former Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Melita Easters, who funded the arts, making the two a fixture in Atlanta’s society pages. Hayes filed a counterclaim against the two and Bizcomp, part of “The Modem Patent Defense Acccura beginning a legal offensive in Aprilclaiming they had violated the patent.

Hayes Computer Hardware, IT Hardware Catalog

But, in October, Hayes cut its workforce nearly 10 percent. As companies discovered the benefits of on-line databases, electronic mail, 2888 links, and local-area networks LANsthe appeal of computer communications spread.

Dennis Hayes admitted making some poor business decisions, saying inventories were badly managed, that products producing no revenue were kept on the books, costing the company money, acknowledged the company had botched some technology transitions and had been out-gunned in some markets, especially by U. Bankruptcy Judge Hugh Robinson ruled it would not have the rights to key technology developed by Megahertz owned by Accurz.