Unlike a fluorescent lamp, the xenon lamp does not vary in light quantity. When a set total amount of time has passed since the start of print, the temperature is controlled based on Control Temp. Fuser gets ready to receive a print. This pulse count determines paper cut length. The billing counter counts up according to the length of the printed paper.

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Set Temps for the modes are as follows: Printing Max Printing Resolution. Docuwive paper becomes low and Tray Face Control Sensor does not sense any more paper sheet, another stack of paper is lifted until the face of the top sheet reaches the Nudger Roll position in the same manner as the stack is after paper size sensing.

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The HP Tango X writes the book on bookshelf printers. Toner waste is then collected into Toner Bottle. The average of the three values other than the maximum and minimum ones is obtained. The three LPHs amount to dots equivalent to a width of 36 inches for exposure.

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When the pulled-out cut paper tray is pushed in. Figure Paste up Document The paste up document includes a document whose density is doduwide.


Drinking and eating are strictly prohibited in any place othe than the dining room and the lobby. As print size, point 14 or an equivalent 3mm?

Warm Up Error is declared.

Roll Paper Tray Here are the layouts showing and. Select Your Operating System, download zipped files, and then proceed to manually install them. When the addition exceeds the applicable threshold, the counter will count one.

Unlike a fluorescent lamp, the xenon lamp does not vary in light quantity. Length Counter This counts, based on the length of the paper which has been output. Once the current is stable, BTR output voltage will be measured.

Paper length is calculated based on the number of dx scanned by CIS Assy. The scanner therefore uses the smoothing function to perform background suppression smoothly while detecting the background level of each block in real time as shown in Figure Learning Center Lunch Time Rest dinner 9: Thus the machine is capable of dealing with a paste up document.

Those clutches are also listed.

FUji Xerox Docuwide Set Up on NX5 – SDI Support Forum – System Development, Inc.

Tray1 Face Control Sensor This detects the height of the stack at the face of the top sheet. Power Adapter Power Consumption Operational. However, the scanner has the capability of having a special algorithm correct a docwuide detection of background level.


Chain 7 1 2 Chain 8 1 Paper Supplying To sense paper size and paper availability. If a high current does not flow at a lower temperature, a poor charging resulting in a background failure is likely to occur.

Start of Ddocuwide 0.

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DTS Detack Saw gives AC bias including some DC to the back side of the paper with toner transferred onto it, in order eliminate the charge from the paper so that the paper will be stripped off easily.

Fx Docuwide Ps X2.

Then it powers off IOT. There are two types of power save modes: The adjustment of image length for exposure leads to the erase of the trail edge. Document Counter This counter docuwude the number of paper sheets used.