After unlocking the devices, all your installed systems will be accessible for upgrade and, moreover, the LVM volumes allocated over encrypted devices will be activated. There will be a whole workshop about modern YaST development, a summary with the more relevant news in the last year of YaST development, talks about the new superb yast2-configuration-management module, about our continuous delivery infrastructure and about how we use Docker to deliver YaST… And, of course, also many other interesting content like the awesome presentation from Thorsten Kukuk about the brand new openSUSE Kubic we mentioned earlier. So here is our report, brought to you by airmail! Added support for allocation of memory high into YaST Kdump Command-line A new option to allocate memory high during enable of Kdump was already implemented in YaST interface but unavailable through command-line. MidiMan M Audio Revolution 5.

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ESS chipset with 4 channel 3D PCI Sound Card, product picture Sound Cards – Makepolo

Moreover, now the proposal is able to automatically adjust the size requirements not only for root, but also for swap and home.

Formdeia but not least, some parsers use the concept of default values when adding new key with not defined value. And the bright side is that you only have to wait two weeks to know more… so stay tuned. During this sprint we have implemented a first prototype of the new version of the YaST2 Expert Partitioner, that awesome tool you can invoke with yast2 storage.

Extending the current syntax of the control. Apart from being able to install a system based on an AutoYaST profile, it also offers the interface to export the current system configuration, including the storage layout, to a profile in order to reproduce the system later. As you can see in your own system or in the screenshots, the fm081 items are already functional. Obviously, YaST needs some adaptation.


6 channel sound card with Formedia FM 801

That produces a very long table which takes long time to parse and display in the UI. And we just keep YaSTing!

Another example can be comments. Added support for allocation of memory high into YaST Kdump Command-line Formedai new option to allocate memory high during enable of Kdump was already implemented in YaST interface but unavailable through command-line.

More content already in the oven! As you can see in the screenshots from the Expert Partitioner, there is a tree on the left side, which decides which page is shown on the right side.

[FL] Fetch failed for ‘media-sound/spotify’ – Funtoo JIRA

We got a bug report about YaST not responding when a very long package changelog was displaying in the package manager. A3D and wavetable support are still in development.

Once again, we omitted the boring parts about bugfixing with yast2-ntp-client being the star in that regard and similar stuff. The next couple of formediq may be interesting or daunting, depending how much virtualization and PowerPC jargon you know. If the module supports more than one card and you have more than one card of the same type then you can specify multiple values for the formeria separated by commas.

You cannot easily read that very long text anyway, for such a long text you would need some formediia functionality which the YaST UI does not provide.

Fetch failed for ‘media-sound/spotify-1.0.64’

Very likely, something for the upcoming sprint, so stay tuned. The expert partitioner and the installer allow you to treat DASDs almost as regular disks. But again, that’s why we are pushing the storage layer reimplementation Storage-NG so hard: Meaning it can be easily tweaked by the package maintainers and by the users, specially since YaST includes a nice module for managing alternatives.


This module does not support autoprobe thus the main port must be specified!!! If you have problems regarding this, try another ALSA compliant mixer alsamixer works. On the bright side, the new code is easier to follow, includes behavior-driven automated tests RSpec and contains information about the rationale of each decision… which in some cases required some archaeology. Of course, both fixes will also be included in future releases.

So, from now on, the installer is able to configure each node in a proper way and the administration node will act as NTP server for the worker nodes. We hope you enjoyed the report and we hope to reach you again in two weeks. In this case, YaST services manager had a problem when the service name was too long as you can see in the screenshot below.

Stay tuned Of course there are a lot of other things we did during the last two weeks, although some of them were considered not interesting enough for this report or were not finished on time.

CFA provides location transparency for the parser on the bottom layer and unified API for application on the top one. Now, YaST could take advantage of such a feature to allow the installation of open SUSE systems on this kind of devices, including the bootloader. Module for bit SoundBlaster cards: This module supports multiple cards, PnP and autoprobe.