Exim uses it to deliver locally to Dovecot. There is a remedy, called Sender Rewriting Scheme, but people are generally not aware of this. To bounce messages, also add this directly below:. You cannot do this on the MTA, because it needs to power on automatically to accept new emails instantly. This option must be set if command is not set.

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You will be tempted to use a large key here, but given that you have to add the public key to DNS, do not use more than bit keys. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

I have some customers who forward their incoming email from an alias to gmail which has worked in the past, but since release 62, something is has changed. The safest way to run dovecot in high-availibility mode is to run the mail store on top of a high-performance redundant Rxim.

Exim+Dovecot+Sieve via LMTP

The string is a command which is run in a separate process. Most issues are caused by forgetting to regenerate the configuration, try regenerating and restarting exim4 to see if your problem persists. Using the remote delivery section has the advantage of allowing full disk crypto on the mail store.

This limits the number of addresses that can be handled in a single delivery. I had already tried uninstalling mailscanner on one of my servers to see if it was the culprit and it didn’t change anything. The private options of the lmtp transport are as follows:. This option must be set if command is not set.


Exim+Dovecot+Sieve via LMTP – Articles | DirectAdmin How-to Guides and Knowledge Base

Sep 5, Messages: Substitute the IP and mail addresses for your own stuff. Privacy policy About Hackerspace Amersfoort Disclaimers. Service Manager – Documentation – cPanel Documentation. This makes sure that nobody can connect more than 6 times per minute to your SMTP server.

Otherwise, the string is expanded at the time the transport is run, and must yield either a digit string or a name which can be looked up using getgrnam.

Exim not fully terminating DATA command, resulting in SMTP or LMTP “timeout after data”

This will override your local greylistd blacklist and override greylisting for known good senders. Thanks cPanelMichael and thanks for updating the title to something more sensible too. Perth cPanel Access Level: Make sure dovecot-ldap is installed.

Setting up remote delivery via LMTP makes sense, because you can have your mail store encrypted and still receive new emails, because the MTA will keep accepting mails. Technical support for web hosting companies and individuals.

This is a semicolon-separated list. Be careful if you have servers relaying e-mail for you for instance because your mail server is IPv6 only and want to receive e-mail on IPv4 or as a fallback mailserver.


At the Common Name field, input your mail hostname mail. To enable relaying of messages after authentication, for SPF or just for laptops that are on different connections all the time, SASL authentication needs to be enabled. Exim uses it to deliver locally to Dovecot.

Note that the IMAP certificate is generated in the exij section further down. Now, if you want to skip greylisting on dnswl listed hosts, which I recommend: Please note, before you add SPF: This means you forgot to append the chain file to the certificate. Only use the TLS-protected ports.

Most LMTP servers can handle several addresses at once, so it is normally a good idea to increase this value. If this option is set, it specifies the user under whose uid the delivery process is to be run. If it does not work try sending it from an external mailserver and see if it works then.

This way, Exim will route messages through a pipe if it’s destined for a mailing list.