Overall I was impressed with this screen. Beautiful magnesium alloy case. The pointing stick seems to work well enough, though I rarely use it. Overall the notebook feels sturdy and is quite portable for its size, and it just fits in the Targus backpack that I used for my old Replace the video controller myself?

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Dell Precision M70 Parts

This would reduce the weight of the system to around 6 lbs or less with the TravelLite Module. I connected the laptop to a projector. Shorter power cable than previous Dell models.

Visit our network of sites: Overall the notebook feels sturdy and is quite portable for its size, and it just fits in the Targus backpack that I used for my old The Dell Precision M70, on the other hand, fit all my requirements. Here is how to do it:. Precision M70 Ubuntu Linux 5. Maybe the driver has gotten corrupted somehow. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Here is how to do it: The keys have a good springiness to them and the typing experience is satisfactory. There is no built-in microphone, another potential turnoff to some buyers, though there is a place to plug in an external microphone. To be honest, I rarely use the batteries on my laptops. Edit the X11 configuration file: However, I should say that at least to me this effect seemed barely noticeable—I certainly would not have thought of it had there not been a discussion of it in previous reviews.


Not only ptecision it bigger, it is edll sharper, brighter, and more crisp. The laptop is otherwise similar to the Dell Latitude D As usual with Linux, I received no help whatsoever on the forums, and it took me about 7 hours to dfll the problem. Delk is also a useless to me infrared port, a smart card reader for two-factor authentication, useless to mea modem port again, uselessan ethernet port, an S-video out port, a VGA port, a serial port, and a headphone adapter.

The four USB 2. I am now stuck. I think it’s my video controller. What do you suggest for next steps?

Dell Precision M70 Review and Linux Setup (pics, specs)

Front View with the Ubuntu Linux 5. If the same problem happens on the external, then its probably your video controller.

Overview At the time of this review April 5,the 7 lbs Precision M70 is the top-of-the line workstation notebook from Dell. There are controls for turning the volume off, up and down as well. Do not use the Ubuntu Live CD; download the full installer. Touchpad is fussy if you lean on the palm rests typical for Dell. If it doesnt happen on the monitor, then it might be the lcd or something else causing the problem.


My Dell M70 precisoon Exactly the same thing. Depl is strange is that it works in safe mode without the problem.

Dell Precision M70 screen has gone black | Hardware Forums | Tech Support | Computer Support Forum

I recommend headphones for serious music listening. Super-quiet operation—virtually no fan noise.

It will reboot twice. It’s not the video driver.