Addressing stock management and warehouse transport. Excellent time management Driving safely and allowing for heavy traffic in rush hours. Maintaining the engine, air brakes and other vital components during transit. Discussion and advice for new and wannabe Truck drivers sponsored by Moderators: I’ve done 6 months with an agency, doing all kinds of work, including some ADR, but now I’m looking for something permanent.

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Before you start writing your CV, why not have a look at our free delivery driver CV sample as it is a very helpful way of getting an insight into the CV writing process, what to include, and how to format it so that the information is presented in the best possible way. Oh and importantly, keep your fingers crossed!!

Long Haul Lorry Driver CV Sample

Fri Jan 09, I would suggest one letter from the agency and one from your most recent ‘job assignment’. Above all, I am searching for a company which can provide me with room for upward mobility while at the same time bolstering my efforts with a sense of pride and teamwork.

Customize this CV Create This CV A CV is the first thing that potential employers will see when you apply for a job so it is crucial to have a well-designed CV that displays your personal information, skills and qualifications in an impressive way as possible.


So wriggling into a job with no experience is a bit tricky without lying your butt off. Good job I put it in! I also have experience of Blah Roping and sheeting Blah etc.

Sat Nov 01, 6: Name, address contact phone email. Completing paperwork when collecting and delivering packages. So I changed it.

Teaching all of the relevant safety procedures and driving methods. No more than that, I agree. A working knowledge of all major UK motorways.

HGV Driver CV Example

Excellent time management Driving safely and allowing for heavy traffic in rush hours. Teaching classes of between 15 and 25 individuals. Keep your cover letter to one page and always make sure to address it to a specific person. Hardworking and seasoned Fuel Lorry Driver with superb driving and customer satisfaction records. Languages English English UK. My enclosed resume contains comprehensive details of my pertinent skills, qualifications, and experience.

May be able to point you in right direction for jobs. Get amazing job opportunities sent straight to your inbox. Board index All times are UTC. Its one of those skills that is getting harder to find.


The TruckNet UK Drivers RoundTable • View topic – CV help?

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Discussion and advice for new and wannabe Truck drivers sponsored by Moderators: Brag about any major achievements you might have received such as a certain number of miles driven without an accident as these are respected across the industry. Hard working and prepared to work long hours during busy periods.

This long haul lorry driver CV sample is the recommended template to follow when submitting an application to any employer. By posting content to TruckNet, you’re agreeing to our terms of use and confirm that you have read our Privacy Policyand our Cookie Use Policy.

I can start straight away” sort of bloke.