Drivers are defined as Linux native drivers, so no Linuxant driverloader or Askey, I will certainly have a look there. And yes, I have tried 7. I’d like to know if you have found some tricks to make it work. Fudge came to power instead, but -he’s never quite forgotten how much popular support Dumbledore had, even though Dumbledore never applied for the job. My card was actually manufactured by Askey, but they too refuse to respond to e-mails, as do Agere. Net , Version

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He replied that the drivers should work OK, the problem is implementing the firmware downloading, which no-one is currently working on! Unknown device ab34 I did manage to get the Agere drivers to work on kernel 2. Telecharge les drivers de ta carte wifi et va chercher directement dedans. I’m afraid I don’t wlll070 any good news!

Linux wireless LAN support; host I/F

It has been a long time since we haven’t exchanged any news about our so famous Askey wll wifi card. Si tu veux essayer: I have had no luck with Ndiswrapper or Driverloader either, both of which tell me that this card is not supported by the supplied Windows driver, even though it works fine in Windows! If only we could persuade the Orinoco driver project to support Hermes 2 as well!


Here is their website: And yes, I have tried 7.

Askey WLL () Free Driver Download for Windows XP

Maybe if we modify the. I don’t claim to be a programmer, but I’m pretty good at getting things to work generally, but this card is one asley my few failures!

Also, since they appear to be very “unfriendly” to use, I’m not sure that this is the best way to go! I will continue my searchs. His page contains some outlines about the driver development, history, versions and Askey, Pb wifi freeze sur ubuntu -please help. I will not be purchasing any more products containing their equipment! And Miss Nipper having nothing to urge against the proposal, but being perfectly acquiescent, they were soon equipped, and in the streets, and on their way towards the little Midshipman.

I will send a message once again asking if there is any possibility of drivers in the forseeable future.

Deep down, Fudge knows Dumbledore’s much cleverer than he is a much more powerful wizard, and in the early asksy of his Ministry he was forever asking Dumbledore. And this time, maybe with this new distribution, it will work!

I will let you know how I get on! Unfortunately, my machine code skills are stuck in the dark days of 8-bit machines, and hacking the Agere driver is beyond my abilities!


Solutions that i’ve tried but i don’t know wether they didn’t work because they simply don’t work or because i’m a newbie and i do something wrong It is infinitely asley than my French I’ve read that you tried the 7.

Askey Computer Windows XP Ethernet / Network Driver Downloads

My card was actually manufactured by Askey, but they askye refuse to respond to e-mails, as do Agere. He had ruptured a small capillary. Asante website-“unsupported linux driver Askey. However, I am still on the Orinico drivers mailing list which seems to be showing signs of life after a long period of inactivity. As i’m speaking english every day, I think that i’m going to speak a correct english very soon.

Unknown device c I will certainly have a look there. As I said earlier, I have had no luck at all using the Ndiswrapper or Driverloader software in conjunction with Windoze drivers. The Agere drivers are “Open source” which implies that anyone with wll70 programming skills ought to be able to hack them to run on 2.