I bought a SB Live! It’s just that I have to use software input monitoring and the latency really sucks. Cause 4ms is pussy for a processor of that power. I wasn’t thinking that this may become a FAQ but here we go: Please use the “ASIO Control Panel” button from inside your audio application in order to adjust the driver settings instead. Win98 Gold does not have WDM support neither has any version of Win95, but folks haven’t complained, so far.

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Asil4all minimum best case timing resolution in Win2k and XP is one millisecond. I would be surprised if the X-fi’s could get that low. No sound on SoundMax Digital Audio Judging from the overall feedback I received so far, I can make a rough guesstimate that it works out of the box for 5 in 6 people, so chances are that just maybe it works for you.

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Inviato Sat 12 Aug 06 2: JGSFFeb 27, You must log in or sign up to reply here. How this is done depends on your particular audio software and there usually is some sort of an audio configuration dialog. The problem is that you can’t use the 2 decks in asio4zll mode if you don’t have the pro version, demo only works with one deck and for 5 minutes. If the prospect of a 48kHz locked sample rate bothers you: What is this for?


Anyone know how to get it running properly? So any time calculation performed by whomever has a granularity of 1ms plus another 1ms because of rounding errors. This is especially true for consumer grade stuff, where you can be assured that the drivers shipped with it are most likely ‘consumer grade’ as aslo4all.

The remainder is taken up by the installer. Some common questions and answers: Sick-OApr 16, Hi, thanks for the quick response.

After some initial troubles with earlier revisions, the driver now appears to work just fine with numerous USB devices.

PogoApr 16, Inviato Wed 09 Aug 06 4: They’re mapped using the ProFX in kx as well. I would suppose it is possible but as I said ox there is more to ASIO latency then just the soundcard. The asio4alll rate is always grayed out if the control panel is launched from the desktop, this is per design. Same applies to pro audio gear with dedicated ASIO drivers, though.

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Since about every other inquiry I get appears to be about this subject and in 9. This site uses cookies.


Instead, you simply get no audio, and, if you open the ASIO4ALL control panel, you will find that your audio outputs are flagged with an error symbol. Anyone looking for lower latency, working with many proffesional audio apps like Cubase SX, Nuendo, Wavelab ect.

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I can’t configure it properly. Inviato Sun 13 Aug 06 9: Still there is always one big unknown: If you don’t know why you would need an ASIO driver then chances are that indeed you don’t need one and came here by mere accident.


Please use the “ASIO Control Panel” button from inside your audio application in order to adjust the driver settings instead. The rest, as well as the stuff mentioned above that has not yet become a trademark of Microsoft, Corp.