In the dialog box, select Remove all and then press Next. Works with Kernel 2. This page has been accessed 99, times. On Windows Vista the Microsoft audio function driver installs by default. After compiling it as a module it worked.

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Click on the Next and OK prompts as they appear. Got that information from a comment from: There is another “Internal Mic Boost” in alsamixer’s Capture menu, but that does not seem to have the same effect.

A dialog box appears.

ADC Drivers | Analog Devices

This page has been accessed 99, times. Here’s anaolg similar drivers that are different versions or releases for different operating systems: In the dialog box, press Next. Browse to the SoundMAX driver files location and double click setup. When upgrading or reinstalling, “Setup Type” dialog box appears. Reboot the system to complete the installation.

Retrieved from ” https: You may wish to add a call to xbindkeys to your. This QFE is made available by Microsoft, and it is required to update Operating System components before installing the audio driver.


Works with a patched 2. The QFE contains the required files and a readme which outlines installation procedure.

Worked on my T61 running Debian Lenny, with a sid 2. If you don’t have sound and all the requisite modules, versions, etc.

ADC Drivers

Above patches are in kernel mainline from Kernel 2. Get tech support here. Just make sure that you have the PCM channel unmuted and the speaker switch checked. Did not get it to work on X61s with either of the above packages. On Windows Vista the Microsoft audio function driver installs by default. Still have to wait to get it included in the Linux Kernel Thinkpads, including at least some Thinkpad T61s. In the dialog box, select Remove amalog and then press Next. Reboot the system to fully uninstall the drivers.

The reason modem must be enabled at least on the x60,x61 series is because the modem and sound share a bus. After compiling it as a module it worked.


AD Datasheet and Product Info | Analog Devices

ALSA did not recognise the sound card on my T61 when the driver was compiled in the kernel. Works with Kernel 2.

Click on SoundMAX driver item from the list. This QFE and these files are distributed by Microsoft only, please contact them directly if you need to get them. However, Takashi Iwai has added support to this device in Alsa development version [1] Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

It has been documented elsewhere that the R61 doesn’t have a hardware mixer.