Hope this helps, Jim. For the mentioned query, please install our latest drivers from below location on Windows 10 machine and check again. Please make sure that the ‘Sentinel Local License Manager’ service is running. Please tell us why you want to mark the subject as inappropriate. When their CLS hits the server, they get their configured licenses, if they lose their network connection Edgecam continues to work for 8 hours. My attempt to update the device driver fails, too. HASP device drivers are installed in one of three ways.

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As a command line program, Hinstall. GTX recommends the following HASP device driver installation technique for Windowsor for any situation of device driver installation difficulty. Code -2 Multiple versions of the license are running on the license server. Click Finish to close the wizard. Hope this helps, Jim.

Hi Tim, when the CLS starts it sends out a broadcast ‘ping’ on your network, the first response it gets from a dongle anywhere on the network it tries to connect to. For single user HASP keys, any machine which is connected to the key requires an installed device driver.


Lastly, I have been using the new keyless network licensing since v By running the Hinstall. On network enterprise Client is not able to communicate with the license server to obtain a license.

For example, if the License Manager is running as a service, you must stop the service before upgrading the driver.

Created by Product Engineer on Oct 06, Stop execution after error.

Please tell us why you want to mark the hap as inappropriate. The windows 7 comps seem to have issues seeing the cls on their own station so they cant even look for the key. Can’t launch OptiTex software, A Hasp protection system error. Click Next to begin the installation.

All content copyright SafeNet, Inc. The HASP driver version that came with the software is 4. If you receive an error. Name or IP address of the server running the Sentinel License.

HASP Key Drivers Reinstallation Instructions

Be sure to select the Save option when your browser prompts you to save or alphaacam the file from its current location. Key driver needs to be installed manually by installing from the key drivers folder located on the CD or downloaded media.


Please make sure that the ‘Sentinel Local License Manager’ service is running. No need to be fancy, just an overview. However when I attempt to install the Sentinel System Driver 5. Publish Back to edit Cancel.

HASP drivers: Instructions for reinstallation

New to this Portal? Update the license on license server to match the version of the program being run. Windows, 3 MB, Version. The license agreement screen will appear. However the icon info has a text saying Unavailable. The latest version of the driver can also be obtained from our knowledge base.

Although the driver update program can terminate applications accessing the driver, it cannot terminate services running on the PC. Click on Join Now to Sign Up.