Use the venter command to enter cartridges with missing or unreadable labels. When a CAP is in automatic mode, you need not issue an enter command. Use the vary command to vary the CAP online. Current and pending requests are processed to completion. The acsls startup timeout is calculated automatically by the current library configuration. Examples To make CAP 0,0,2 ready to enter cartridges:

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The bypass option bypasses the media compatibility checks and forces a mount of the cartridge on drive 0,0,4,0, an SD3 drive. However, this data has limits.


Guidelines and procedures for managing scratch cartridges. If this is not done, audit cannot eject any invalid cartridges found.

To display all volumes entered between 6: If cartridge tracing is enabled, the event log records all cartridge enters. ACSLS processes all active and pending requests for the component, rejects new client application requests, then varies the component to diagnostic state.

Fields The fields for display panel, are: Usage Use the query drive command to display the status of a drive in the following format: When ACSLS processes the next mount request for the drive, it precedes the mount with a cleaning operation.


The following sections fully describe each command, including its syntax. Format clear lock type identifier.

Command Reference

Sorting is based on internal database values and may not always display in numeric order. You would have to do some investigation and work out whaat drives paths there are that aren’t configured in NBU. In the following example, there are two active lines. If your LSM fails and you take it off line, you can still manually load cartridges into the library drives if the data path is still operational.

ACSLS cannot mount the cartridge because the specified cartridge is already mounted in a drive.

You must vary a CAP offline with force to recover it. No CAP available, waiting Use the set cap mode command to set a CAP’s entry mode to one of the following modes:. ACSLS will reject all other forms of the command, such as iidor idl.

For example, display volume gives access to volume information that was only available through a custom volrpt. Cartridge Recovery is then the central location where cartridges are marked as missing, changed to absent, and reactivated.

Web Pages selected for export: You can only mount one cartridge on one drive each time you enter a mount command. Common Command Error Messages A common error message appears if ACSLS rejects a command because of a syntax error, invalid identifier, type, option, process failure, database error, and so forth.


Create Lists of Cartridges to Move Take the file with the list of cartridges sorted by access date and remove the access date so you just have a list of cartridges. See “Monitoring Cleaning Cartridges”.

STK Libraries Attached to ACSLS Server – Overview

This would avoid performance issues due to elevator traffic, allow for parallel robot activity and minimize the impact of a single robot failure. Terminating an Enter Request Use these procedures to terminate or cancel a current or pending manual enter or virtual enter.

These features are provided in several ways: It is entered and displayed in ISO displzy format yyyy-mm-dd. Fields The fields for display volume, are: The displayed drives are ordered by proximity to the densest scratch pools. This can be used to estimate the number of times that they have been mounted, if the cartridge has stayed in a group of connected libraries within an ACS.