You don’t know how many times I’ve heard this in my days of doing tech support- people trying to make their issues sound life or death. Acer has some of the best notebooks around for the price. And I say you’re full of it and a troll, anakanak3, or at least supremely ignorant. Acer aspire z Major problems Discussion in ‘ Acer ‘ started by shankari , Jun 22, Secondly, Vista is new and notoriously buggy. You get the idea.

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Drivers For Free – Acer Aspire z Wireless Network Drivers

Do you already have an account? This is what I used on mine: I’m sure I will get nay-sayed and flamed mercilessly for this, but I’ve got to reply here. Does Acer have a local shop down the street from aspige, or do you think the electronics store should just let you ‘borrow’ their display model?

You had what, Windows 98 on your old desktop? You get the idea. Three xcer ago, we purchased one for a child heading to college. Acer aspire z Major problems Discussion in ‘ Acer ‘ started by shankariJun 22, Hi i just formatted my acer laptop from vista to xp and the problem come from the drivers Aspife installed the drivers i was give form a previous thread i have made but the problems come from the web cam i isntalled the logitech driver but it says u have to plug the camera my camera is built inmy internet connection aaspire my pc i use to connect directly to internet by adsl cable i installed the driver for the modem but i get some problems cause i installed the bluetooth driver it says with the lan connection know i am really confused i cant create or either setup the internet i checked the file about the lan driver but it doenst have a setup there is only apire files.


SkibumsDec 14, I mean, it’s in their car, right?

I called a friend of mine who owns a computer company, and he said that what I should do is remove the CMOS battery and then put it back in, as it might have gotten knocked. Now, that is service. StevemcblarkAug 7, Probably XP if you kept it upgraded. I find you amusing, but your type of attitude is one of the biggest problems with consumerism today.

Never got past the guy who said hello. Both of us use ours daily. Yet you thought they aspore fix it, and clearly got angry when it was completely out of their control.

Perhaps I should complain to GM that my car charger and cellphone aren’t compatible The 2nd call, I got a very nice man who ‘talked turkey’ the business days reality-wise means if I get it back in 3 weeks, I’m super lucky. I spent time contacting Acer this morning twice and was told during the 1st call to send it in -at my cost- and it would be a minimum of business days.

Acer Aspire 5 AGV6 upgrades? I have learned that while every company has protocol the ‘boss’ has much more leeway than the person answering the phone. What is this, a car garage?


Acer Aspire 5610/5610Z Windows XP&Vista Drivers

However, since 3 days before Memorial day, I have had to have my personal laptop serviced once for a software problem glitch involved Vista and a Yahoo toolbar You don’t know how many times I’ve heard this in my days of doing tech support- people trying to make their issues sound life or death.

Mine is prmarily for business use. I finally gave in this past May as my husband has had frequent contact with Acer in Asia wireles had never heard of any difficulties.

If I had it to do again, Dell would be my number atberos choice.

Secondly, there was NO consistency to the problem. ApostateTapirNov 20,in forum: I cannot enter the bios at all to fix anything. awpire

Download Wireless LAN Atheros AR5001 Driver

My husband leaves for Asia in the morning and the ONLY way we are able to communicate is via computer. You can find AnakAnak3’s or Alta’s, as her name really is nonsense all over the Web. Your claims are baseless.